Bespoke PowerUnit


Working closely with our customers, we ensure that all systems are designed, not just to specification but to provide the optimum solution to any and all problems. Design improvements save money and time, so if Yuken, with its 90 years of experience, can see a way to enhance an area, you can be certain that we will let you know about it. The systems solutions Yuken offers are bespoke to your business needs and with our depth of knowledge and expertise in the field, you can be assured of the highest levels of service and professionalism.



Our unit of specialised engineers have more than 130 years’ worth of experience between them, everything from enormous turnkey system builds right down to small power pack assembly and installations.



  • 7.5kW 415v Electric Motor.
  • High Pressure Gear Pump.
  • Solenoid operated Directional Control Valves.

Designed for You


Yuken’s engineers have carried out a wide range of pipe work installations, with working pressures of up to 200 MPA and 60000 PSI.Our strengths are based on real-world knowledge, skilfulness and years of experience working meticulously with each and every one of our clients to ensure that their project needs are met

Press Powerpack

To be used on a simple hydraulic Press system.

Parallel PowerUnits

These units run in parallel to supply hydraulic power for machine operations..

Mobile Powerpack

The customer required a mobile Hydraulic powerpack for workshop use.

Medical Equipment Powerunit

This Hydraulic Powerunit was supplied for use in a Lab area.

Multi-function Powerunit

This unit carries out various operations in a factory.

Accumulator Powerpack

The Accumulator Hydraulic powerunit, on loss of electrics has stored pressure for operation.