High Flow Automated

Hydraulic Power Unit


Yuken Projects team was commisioned to design and build an automated high flow hydraulic power unit to be used in the film industry to meet a very tight deadline. 

As we were aware of the strict time constraints, we approached the design aspect with simplicity in mind, and the awareness of product availibilty.

A straight-forward design was produced which fulfilled all the requirements of the specification and the unit went into manufacture. On completion, all testing was carried out successfully.


3d CAD Design 1 Yuken
3d CAD Design 3 Yuken
3d CAD Design 4 Yuken
Hydraulic Power Unit Frame 1 Yuken
Hydraulic Power Unit in build Yuken
Hydraulic accumulator Frame Yuken
Hydraulic Power Unit Electrical Automation Yuken
Automation Hydraulics Yuken
Hoigh Flow Hyydraulic Power Unit Yuken



  • Max. Working Pressure: 210 Bar
  • Max. Working Flow rate: 1500 Ltr/min
  • 4 x 75Kw 415v Electric Motor.
  • Yuken A3HG 180 Piston Pumps.
  • Proportional Presure and Flow Control Valves.

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Yuken’s engineers have carried out a wide range of pipe work installations, with working pressures of up to 200 MPA and 60000 PSI.Our strengths are based on real-world knowledge, skilfulness and years of experience working meticulously with each and every one of our clients to ensure that their project needs are met